How Can I Purchase Art?

You’ve seen a beautiful piece of art at Buchanan Gallery that you’d like to purchase, but the price is more than you can afford right now. Are there options available for you to be able to have this beautiful artwork in your home? Yes!

Buchanan Gallery offers two payment options:

Option #1
A three-payment plan. Available for artworks up to $1000 (before taxes).
The total cost is divided into three equal payments. You pay the first of the 3 payments upfront. The second payment is due in 30 days, the final payment is due in 60 days.

For this option, the artwork is held at the gallery until the final payment is made.

8587923Option #2
A lease-to-purchase agreement offered through Art Lease Canada, based in Halifax, NS. It is available for artwork that is $1000 or more (before taxes).

This option allows you to take the artwork home to enjoy now instead of having to wait. They offer several payment terms, depending on the price of the artwork, from 12 – 60 months.

Are you a business? Then 100% of your lease payments are tax deductible.

Click here to view their brochure.