Photo or Document Scanning

Having your photos or documents digitally scanned is one way to ensure that in the event of your photos being damaged, you have a digital backup of them and can reprint them at any time.

As a reminder that the unthinkable can happen, the following shows a photo from a water-damaged album. This happened to me just recently. I did lose a few photos, but luckily this was one I had previously scanned.

This shows water damage to one of my favourite photos. That’s me in the middle. Luckily I had scanned this photo several years ago, so I still have a digital file (see below) as backup when I want to print a copy.

Aside from photos, other items you might want scanned are:

  • handwritten recipes
  • handwritten letters
  • kid’s artwork
  • documents
  • book pages
  • maps

1 – 10 items: $3/each
10+ items: $2/each
Prices are for items up to and no larger than “letter” size.

File type options are: jpeg (300 or 600 dpi) or pdf (150 dpi)

Your scanned items will be saved to either a CD or thumbdrive, or can be emailed to you to save on your own device.
Items are scanned and saved only. See below for editing, formatting or other options.

Items larger than “letter” size (except “legal” size documents) will be charged for each additional scan plus stitching fee.

Editing & Formatting
Editing and/or formatting can include such work as cropping, resizing or slight colour adjusting. An extra fee will apply depending on the amount of editing required.

Click here for info about Photo Restoration.